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January 31st, 2005

mr_angel @ 11:32 pm: I'm really sorry to do this guys, but I'm gonna have to drop this game. It sounded really fun, but it's moved a little slower than I thought it would and Angel hasn't really even been introduced in the plot yet. Again, sorry to do this. :( Thanks for giving me the opprotunity to play with y'all.


January 10th, 2005

sexytarawitch @ 02:01 pm: *waves*
Well I think it's about time I make an intro post huh?

Well I'm Nora and I'll be playing Tara. yay :).

I know most of you around here... *eyes* I believe so. anywho. My info anyway:

MSN/Email: litaschick[@]aol.com
Yahoo/AIM: Jello6699
Playing journal: sexytarawitch and magick_goddess [Yes, I have two Tara journals]
Mun Journal: remember_nomore

Umm I think that's it. Ohhh and I did my first entry. It's open to everyone in the house.

If something needs to be changed let me know.

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January 8th, 2005

silly_anya @ 10:09 am: Okay , Hi. I'm Alex. I'll be playing Anya. I'm in the middle of transferring everything from my old computer to my new one. And when I'm done with that I'll still be using voice control and be ungodly slow. Sounds like fun, huh? Don't worry. Just aim or email me, or post in ooc and I'll get to work on posting or replying. So yes, I'm Alex, the Anya for the game. My aim is julietxa, and my email is juliet42@go.com. Yay!

January 2nd, 2005

ozdwolf @ 09:33 am: Quick Intro...
Name: Jamie
Character: Oz
Char LJ: ozdwolf
Aim: OzDWolf
Contact: OzDWolf@aol.com (Because I like to be consistant. Usually)

Hey everyone. I'm looking forward to rping with you all, looks like it's going to be fun for all here. For those of you who don't know me, I'm friendly and I swear I don't bite. Most of the time. :)

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January 1st, 2005

mr_angel @ 02:02 am: Name: Hannah
Character: Angel
Char LJ: mr_angel
AIM: swtlilhann
MSN: swtlilhann@msn.com
Email: swtlilhann@aol.com

Howdy. I'm Hannah and I'll be you're Angel. I know a couple people here already, but looking forward to getting to know the rest of y'all. Just a few questions about plotish type stuff. I know that Angel doesn't show up to the scene until the confused Scoobs call on him. Question One: Does Angel come to Sunnydale all normal and then the spell affects him a while after he arrives? aaaand.. Question/Suggestion Two: I was just wondering what age of Angel's long and.. multi-personality life that y'all would like see. There's Liam (aka pre-vamped), Angelus, Angel (when first getting his soul), or something else that I haven't thought of yet. I'm up for anything really. I think that's all of muh questions for now. Oh, and Happy New Year everybody!


red_rosenberg @ 05:22 pm: LJ: willocwen
Character LJ: red_rosenberg
Character: Willow
Contact: shatteredchandelier(at)hotmail(dot)com

Woo fun.

December 31st, 2004

summers_key @ 08:54 am: Hey guys!
My name is Noelia and I'll be your Dawn tonight.

...well, okay, that sounded a little impropriate...

Let's try again:

Name: Noelia
AIM: insanityofnoelia
MSN: noelia_g @ hotmail.com
Real LJ: noelia_g
Character: summers_key

I'm really looking forward to the game *g*

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December 30th, 2004

oneeyed_zeppo @ 11:57 am: *waves to all*

Hey, I'm Brandon or B for short cause my name is just too long I'll be the resident Xand man.

Name: Brandon
Real LJ: notaspectator
AIM: thezeppo88
Email: thezeppo88@aol.com
Miscellanious: Looking REALLY foward to the game...it should be loads of laughs... *says the guy who's gonna have to rp a 5 year old*

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December 29th, 2004

fallen_lover @ 10:24 pm: You said you needed an Angel?
If mr_angel is definitely it, then I'll step down.

My personal lj is _cryinginside_
My Angel lj is.. this one. fallen_lover
My AIM is zerothtoeternity.

And the post should be up there.

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